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LANA MARKS - Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida
LANA MARKS just opened her new store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. It is absolutely beautiful and filled with all of her great designs.

There are handbags for every occasion, small purses and of course her amazing belts that adorn too many celebrities to mention. Having met LANA MARKS about a year ago at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach during a charity event, we were hoping she would open her store then, but with two seasons of obstacles that included six hurricanes, we waited patiently until she was ready. LANA MARKS herself is at the store regularly and gives personal attention to your needs.

She's the expert and natuarally she can describe every detail of every item with the utmost authority. While we were on location with her as they were stocking the shelves with her beautiful and artistic line of products it was apparent that she is not only a world-class designer but approachable and very willing to engage her customers in friendly conversation. We took an initial set of photographs to give you a peek into LANA MARKS' new Palm Beach retail home. Just click the image on the right to enter the LANA MARKS store for a quick glimpse into the world of a consumate specialty designer. Everything is just absolutely fantastic and we wish LANA a healthy and prosperous new year. More picturs coming soon.

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